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Freshwater Trout

Freshwater Trout

Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm is Australia’s first trout farm where trout have been reared for over 50 years.

The gravity fed water supply originates from the snowfields of Lake Mountain before cascading down Stevensons Falls and through its streams providing the perfect place to grow a clean natural food. No antibiotic chemicals or growth hormones are used on our farm. Our farm is a vertically integrated experience – we hatch the fish here and sell them ready for you to eat! Support local, sustainable and ethical food.

Premium freshwater Rainbow Trout, grown in the cool, clear rivers of the Murrindindi shire.

Rainbow Trout are not only a highly sustainable future food source but also really good for you.
High in Omega 3 oils trout have great heart health benefits which includes reducing the risk of death by heart attack, stroke or heart disease.

Freshwater Atlanic Salmon

Freshwater Atlanic Salmon

Grown in the pristine waters from the Lake Mountain snowfields, our Atlantic Salmon are naturally grown, given plenty of room to move and humanely farmed. No antibiotic chemicals or growth hormones are used on our farm. Our farm is a vertically integrated experience – we hatch the fish here and sell them ready for you to eat!

Being a family owned and run farm we can produce some of the highest quality salmon on the market. Salmon are great fresh for sashimi or baked whole in the oven. Salmon are a superfood - containing large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and are low in saturated fat and calories yet high in protein.

Buxton Smokehouse

Buxton Smokehouse

Traditional Mountain Ash wood fire smoked trout. Our fish are smoked using time-honoured methods passed on to the MacRae family by a local Dutchman in the seventies.
Our process involves a 12-hour brine followed by a slow 5-hour smoke using zero electricity in our purpose-built smokers.

As featured on Masterchef, our famous, traditional hot-smoked Mountain-Ash Smoked Trout is regarded by many as the best in Australia.

Buxton Caviar

Buxton Caviar

What makes our Caviar so unique is that it's produced entirely by hand on our farm in Buxton. Ensuring the best possible quality handpicked egg and happy salmon broodstock. Plus, zero food miles in production. 

The egg is procured by gently rubbing the fishes belly when it is in peak season, which happens once a year in May. The fresh, clean waters of The Little Stevenson's River in Victoria's high country region provides the perfect place to grow healthy, sustainable freshwater trout & salmon. 

The firm round eggs pop on the roof of your mouth with an explosion of flavour. Lightly salted. Delicious as a garnish or on its own! 

How to store: Snap frozen fresh ensures excellent quality caviar until ready to eat. Once thawed can be kept up to 3 weeks in your fridge. 

Live Trout Sales

Live Trout Sales
Sizes & Availabilities vary depending on time of year. Call or Email us.

Trout are a very rewarding fish to grow – offering plenty of entertainment watching them grow and all the benefits of a delicious, healthy, fresh caught meal.

Trout are relatively easy to grow in home dams provided that you have the right water conditions. Dams need to be cold enough and should have areas that are 2 meters deep. Water temperatures over 25 degrees will cause fish mortality. Other threats include animals & birds.

Trout will eat insects & other naturally occurring foods in their dam habitats. Tough, you can purchase fish feed from us if you want to feed your trout too.

See Victorian Fisheries guide to stocking home dams for more information.


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